The Silvent Technology reduces turbulence and creates a more uniform, even, and straight air stream when blowing with compressed air. Also called a laminar air stream. 


Proper usage of the Silvent Technology:   

  • lowers the sound level by 50%   
  • minimizes the risk of occupational accidents     
  • and saves 35% of the energy usage  

compared to blowing with an open pipe.


Lowers the sound    

The reduced turbulence makes it possible to lower the sound level when blowing with compressed air. The specially designed air nozzles also contribute to a lower sound level, since it divides the air through several unique designed holes and slots. If the air is blown through smaller holes, instead of one big hole, parts of the sound frequency will rise to levels the human ear cannot hear or get injured by.

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Minimizes the risk of occupational accidents

The specially made design also helps prevent the nozzle from accidentally becoming totally blocked by the operator. If this were to happen, the operator could get seriously injured. If a nozzle gets blocked, the risk is that the pressure will get too high, which could force the compressed air into the operator’s blood stream. This can lead to life threatening injuries, as for example air embolism and cerebral hemorrhage. The Silvent Technology minimizes the risk of these injuries and fulfills the demands from the authority’s.

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Saves energy

Since less energy is used to create turbulence, more energy can be used for the blowing of compressed air. This creates a more efficient blowing force. The Silvent Technology also creates an increased co-ejection, which means he compressed air drags in and uses the surrounding ambient air. As a result, you get the same effect with less energy.

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All of Silvent’s products are made with a special design to create a unique technology for blowing with compressed air, the Silvent Technology.  This, together with our unique knowledge, make it possible to improve the quality of the blowing application, while also making most applications in the industry more efficient.

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