How do you choose the correct air nozzle?

How do you choose the correct air nozzle?

Posted by Anton Olander
Blowing with compressed air is common within the manufacturing industry, and is used both for manual and fixed blowing applications. The benefits of blowing with compressed air are many, but it is also important to have knowledge about how to handle the compressed air. This will make it easier to minimize the risk of injuries and use the compressed air efficiently. There are two guidelines to follow:

Usually it is easy to replace an open pipe with an air nozzle. The installation can have a big impact on the quality of the final product, the work efficiency and the final cost of the production.

When choosing an air nozzle, it is important to consider these two questions:

1. Measure your inner diameter pipe size and choose a nozzle that fits your pipe.
2. What kind of blowing pattern fits your solution – flat or concentrated?
These questions help you to limit the range of air nozzles, which makes it easier to choose the correct product.

Click on the link if you want to be guided to the correct air nozzle that suits your application.


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Anton Olander

Written by Anton Olander